Dental Hygienist Schools

List of Dental Hygienist Schools Florida 

Florida is one of the states that carry the most prestigious schools that offer dental hygienist courses. It also has the best accredited schools that provide certification to become a full-pledged dental hygienist. This article will give the knowledge that you need to know about this course. First off, let’s bring in the list of dental hygienist schools Florida.

There are over five accredited schools in Florida for those who want to become a hygienist. They are as follows.

·         Everest University

·         Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.

·         Lincoln College of Technology

·         Kaplan College

·         Fortis College

Other schools that offer Diploma and Associate Degree are as follows.

·         Brevard Community College

·         Gulf Coast Community College

·         Hillsborough Community College

·         Pasco-Hernando Community College

·         Sanford-Brown Institute

·         Broward College

·         Edison State College

·         Indian River State College

·         Santa Fe College

There are two types of dental hygienist schools Florida—Bachelor’s degree and Associate degree. Both are officially recognized and offer certificate to become a professional dental hygienist. However, these two are very different from each other. While Associate degree only takes 2 years to finish and would require technical skills, Bachelor’s degree would entail 4 years and it requires greater knowledge and skills. With Associate degree, students can get into work faster. After completing the course, all students who have graduated from an accredited dental hygienist program must submit an application to get dental hygienist license Florida.

A dental hygienist is one of the most promising jobs in the near future. As soon as you get a job, you can expect to have an average amount of annual salary that ranges from $50,000 to $100,000.  So what do dental hygienists do? Well, you will have to prepare dentist’s diagnostic tests, charts patient’s history of oral health, take dental x-rays, remove stains and plaque, and administer valuable pre-checkup tests. Dental hygienists are special assets in hospitals and dental clinics and you could also take advantage to a number of benefits that may come along your way with regards to this type of job. 

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